About Us

JENIL POLYMERS, Established in 2016 at Daman Union Territory India with a capacity of 2400 MT per annum is today we rank among pioneer manufacturers of a wide range of Polyethylene Master Batches/Color concentrates The Company was promoted in the year 2016 by prominent entrepreneurs with substantial on-line experience of the Plastic Industry with an ultramodern and latest technology plant. By catering to the growing requirements of Indian polymer processing industry powered by a prolonged commitment to excellence, uncompromising quality and consistency, complimented by total reliable customer support who placed confidence on us and trusted our quality standards since inception, we have grown to our current size and stature. Indians leading supplier of Master Batches since 2017.-Headquarter at Daman with huge manufacturing facilities.

JENIL POLYMERS." is well equipped with highly automated state of the art plant & machinery and latest instrumentation laboratory & trained chemists monitors quality both at the raw material as well as finishing stages, thereby ensuring batch to batch consistency in quality as well as colour specification,
each & every batch is tested for its pigment content & colour variation by means of computer.

Our specialty is to develop tailor-made colour Master Batches. Our purpose is to customize the requirements of our valued customers. To meet their requirements we come out with the perfect solution to their colouring problems. We have most advanced R&D department and quality assurance facilities. We are committed to ensure customers satisfaction in totality by supplying materials of higher quality as per their requirements and to strive hard on improving our quality and services

Now, it is much easier to add colour to plastics than ever. We are capable of developing almost every shade of this colourful world. We are equipped to develop any colour, any shade any hue of your choice in our manufacturing unit within 24 hrs. With your entire satisfaction. The wide range of our Master Batches conforms to the higher quality standards. Send a colour sample of your product and we will do the rest. We also have a large number of standard colour Master Batches with pre-formulated pigments & additives. The CATALOUGE with Technical Specification & Pantone Colour Shade Code No. is given here for your ready reference. It may be noted that the colours shown on computer screen may differ from system to system.

1. Spectrophotometer
2. Lab kneader and Extruder Line with Air Ring Die-face Cutter
3. Screw Type Vertical Plastic Molding Machinery.
4. Lab Blown Film Extruder Machine
5. Two Roll Machine
6. Melt Flow Index Tester ( KAYJAY / 2005 / CE ) With Manual Cutting
7. Facility Muffle Furnace 4 × 4 × 9.

❖ 75 litters Dispersion kneader and Extruder Line with Air Ring Die-face Cutter.
❖ GS-50 Twin Screw Extruder Line

We conclude our production under strictest supervision and all our Master batches undergo rigorous quality checking before dispatch to our customers to make it a problem free Master batch. Thanks to such advanced equipment, colour concentrates & other plastic compounds.
•It has been growing speedily to become the Leading and the most advanced manufacturer of Colour, Additive and Filler Master Batches from India.
• The company is growing from strength to strength with the help of its strong R&D division to develop products for new applications.
• With its focus on Quality, Consistency, Competitive Pricing and Outstanding Service- JENIL POLYMERS  has fast established its presence across India. Company is continuously expanding its production capacity and encourage more channel partners to help us further expand across the world.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to keep growing by:
Establishing a nationwide network of channel partners for distribution of our products.
Research and development of new products across all the application areas.
Investing in latest technologies and providing best quality outputs.

To be a leading Player in Colour, Additive, Fillers and special effect Masterbatches for Indian customers.
To capture the masterbatch market all over India through our high quality promising products.